9 Signs You Need to Have a Talk with Your Head of School About Marketing


The role of the Director of Marketing and Communications at a private school is challenging enough, but without some foundational elements in place, being successful might prove elusive. 

Here are 9 signs that you need to have a talk with leadership about marketing.

  1. Your head of school doesn't believe in marketing.

  2. Your budget is cripplingly small.

  3. You are constantly overworked.

  4. You are woefully understaffed, especially compared to admissions and development.

  5. You don't have a seat at the same table as admissions and development.

  6. You don't have enough time or staff to use social media effectively.

  7. You don't have buy-in from faculty.

  8. All of the school's MarCom isn't centralized in your office.

  9. You don't have a truly distinctive brand to work with.

What's your #10?


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Photo by Ryan Riggins on Unsplash

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