Liza and Rob, circa 1973

Liza and Rob, circa 1973

So who are we? We’re Liza Fisher Norman and Rob Norman, and our life work has been spent helping more than 100 fine private schools develop their brands and reach marketing and communications goals for enrollment and development. We believe that private schools change lives and create the kind of people we want in our communities.

As principals of Turnaround Marketing Communications, we noticed that many of our clients hit it out of the park when their brand was new, but a year or so later their focus was benched.

And we knew why.

They were too busy putting out fires to think strategically, too busy keeping up with technology and trends that change with lightening speed, and often working alone. Really alone.

We wondered what could we do to help.

Enter InspirED. In a light bulb moment, we conceived InspirED School Marketers — a free, online professional development resource and community that provides brilliant ideas and brain food for private school marketing and communications.

We want to make your job easier. Contact either of us to let us know how we can help. Let’s create some sparks!

Liza Fisher Norman
Master Electrician

Robert A. Norman
Best Boy


Fantastic! Excited to *finally* have space with focused attention on the essential combination of marketing, communications, and admissions.
— Director of Marketing and Communications