Taglines, Taglines, Taglines!

In our 2018 Private School MarCom Survey, we asked school marketers to let us know what their school tagline is, and 96 of you responded.

Take a look. Can any of you use any of these for your school? We want to be sure that your tagline is distinctive, memorable, and boosts your brand the way no other school’s tagline could.

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96 Private School Taglines

  1. Be Inspired. Be Determined. Be Unstoppable 

  2. Cultivating Courteous, Independent, Creative Thinkers Since 2001. 

  3. Connecting Heart And Mind 

  4. Brave And Brilliant Girls 

  5. Honor Above All 

  6. Prepare Students For College And Life 

  7. Friendship Scholarship Sportsmanship 

  8. Turning Experience Into Knowledge. 

  9. In The Process Of Testing A Tagline 

  10. Life Is Co-Ed 

  11. The Future Begins Here 

  12. For Faith, Scholarship And Community 

  13. A New School Of Thought 

  14. A Small School For Big Change 

  15. Where Academics And Character Are Classmates 

  16. A College Preparatory Christian School 

  17. The Difference Is Brilliant 

  18. Who Will You Become? 

  19. Explore Something Different. 

  20. Small School, Big Opportunities, Endless Possibilities. 

  21. Dana Hall School: Girls Learning, Leading, Succeeding 

  22. The Wisdom To Follow...The Courage To Lead 

  23. Educating The Mind. Reaching The Heart. 

  24. Think Independent 

  25. Create Your Unique Path 

  26. Your Future Begins With Us Now 

  27. Leading In.... 

  28. Dare To Achieve 

  29. All Children Can Achieve 

  30. Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. 

  31. We Stand Tall 

  32. Igniting Mind And Spirit 

  33. Soon To Be Revealed 

  34. Preparing Chicago’s Youth For A Lifetime Of Leadership And Service. 

  35. Education To The Highest Power 

  36. Journeying Beyond Knowledge To Wisdom 

  37. Educating Boys For Life Since 1886 

  38. Men Of Character From Boys Of Promise 

  39. Honor. Truth. Duty. 

  40. Lead The Way 

  41. Give Them The World 

  42. Teaching Deeply, Learning Fully, Cultivating Responsibility—One Mind At A Time. 

  43. Esse Quam Videre 

  44. Giant Faith. Giant Family. Giant Futures. 

  45. Live To Learn. Learn To Live. 

  46. Mind - Body - Spirit 

  47. Establishing Faith, Building Commitment, Training For Service 

  48. Inspiration Happens Here. 

  49. Remarkable 

  50. Educating And Empowering Young Women Since 1941 

  51. Respect, Reverence, Responsibility 

  52. Inspired To Explore, Prepared To Succeed 

  53. Extraordinary Learning 

  54. Learn Achieve Become... More 

  55. Experience The Dawson Difference 

  56. The Power Of Young Women 

  57. Community Is Our Middle Name 

  58. Mens Sana In Corpore Sano - A Sound Mind In A Sound Body 

  59. Small School... Big Opportunities... Endless Possibilities 

  60. Igniting Lives Of Purpose 

  61. Firmly Planted Since 1978 

  62. Combining The Excellence Of The Montessori Method With Christ-Centered Curriculum. 

  63. Proud To Be DC 

  64. Enter As Boys To Learn. Exit As Men To Serve. 

  65. Community, Scholarship, Unbounded Spirit 

  66. A Child’s Frontier 

  67. Excellence With Honor 

  68. The Center City Quaker School 

  69. #Ithappensatswain 

  70. Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 

  71. Spirit Mind Body 

  72. Anything Is Possible Starting Here 

  73. Engage. Inspire. Empower. 

  74. Minding What Matters 

  75. Wisdom, Honor, Service 

  76. Global Leaders In Transforming Education 

  77. Educate, Encourage & Empower 

  78. The Making Of Men 

  79. Academic Rigor, Spiritual Depth 

  80. Inspiring Flourishing Lives 

  81. Simply The Best 

  82. Preparing Students For College And Life 

  83. See Yourself At NDP

  84. Be Known. 

  85. Curiosity. Mastery. Purpose. 

  86. Brave And Brilliant Girls 

  87. College Prepared. Life Equipped. 

  88. We Learn Not For School, But For Life. 

  89. The World Is Waiting 

  90. The Future Goes To Sandia Prep 

  91. Naturally Curious 

  92. Do Well. Do Good. 

  93. Make Every Day Count. 

  94. Women Who Can 

  95. Engaging. Nurturing. Transforming. 

  96. Wisdom To Follow. Courage To Lead 

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