Private schools worldwide shine in this year’s Brilliance Awards. The judges were dazzled by your creative, professional, compelling entries. You are brilliant!

We are indebted to the 2018 Brilliance Judges who volunteered their time, expertise and insights. Thanks to all the schools and agencies who entered! Mark your calendars for the 2019 awards in the fall.


Liza and Rob

2018 Brilliance Awards Winners

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1. Printed Viewbook
2. Enrollment Package
3. Enrollment Video, In-House
4. Enrollment Video, Outsourced
5. Admissions Web Page

6.   Printed Fundraising Appeal
7.   Fundraising Video, In-House 
8.   Fundraising Video, Outsourced 
9.   Fundraising Web Page

10. Advertising

11. People, In-House 
12. People, Outsourced 
13. Campus & Architecture, In-House
14. Campus & Architecture, Outsourced 
15. Sports or Performing Arts, In-House 
16. Sports or Performing Arts, Outsourced 

You Are Brilliant!

17. Homepage, In-House
18. Homepage, Outsourced 
19. Branded Web Page 

20. Magazine Feature Article Writing
21. Viewbook Writing

22. Printed Magazine 
23. Magazine Cover Design 
24. Magazine Feature Article Design 

25. Social Media Campaign
26. Single Blog Post  
27. Holiday Video 

28. Out of the Box Concept 

29. Small School, In-House 

Steppingstone Scholars: Beneficiary of 2018 Brilliance Awards

A portion of the proceeds from the Brilliance Awards was donated to Steppingstone Scholars. “We truly thank you for your commitment to ensuring that underserved Philadelphia youth have access to the high-quality academic programming and critical educational supports provided by Steppingstone Scholars.”

— Monique Curry-Mims, MBA, MSEd, Director of Development