Dr. Arnaud Prevot

Private School Marketing Specialist


Coming from a family of teachers, education has always been with me. I After high school, where I earned the French national degree called the baccalauréat, I attended the University of Dallas (U.D.) in Irving, TX. 

I graduated at 20 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), and went on the College of Business and their Graduate School of Management where I began my studies in business. I obtained my Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), and for a final project, a group of us worked on creating a private Catholic school, attached to a parish in Coppell, TX. 

This was where I first associated the themes of business, marketing and the running of private and independent schools. 

After earning my M.Mgt. (where a team of us helped a fledgling online company), I accepted a position to teach in Washington State. I was hired as a language and business teacher at Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, WA. During that time, two peer-reviewed academic papers of mine were published in the Consortium Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.

When I started at Forest Ridge, I also began my doctoral studies at Argosy University in Seattle , which took me 5 years to finish. I studied under Dr. L. Charles Miller, a Yale educated economist. My dissertation, entitled Market Positioning of Twelve Urban and Suburban Independent Schools in Washington State, was well received. My academic interests focus on using the tools of the business to add efficiency to private schools. 


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