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Our goal at InspirED is to make your private school marketing and communications job easier.  Thank you to so many who have told us that we have done just that. We are honored to be part of this brilliant community. Let's make some sparks together.
Liza and Rob

"Liza and Rob's knowledge of school marketing is extensive, but what's really impressive is their willingness to generously share what they know. They care about a mar/com staff member's challenges and frustrations and are helpful in pinpointing ways to make the mar/com life better. We all go into this profession because of passion to help others, and when you start to lose a little of that passion due to overwork or lack of support, Liza and Rob give words to encourage, practical tips to redirect your focus, and language to articulate it to your supervisor. They are a gem in the marketing world. Hire them for a Spark Session - you won't regret it."
—Marina Shannon, PR / Marketing Manager, Shalom Christian Academy

"Go InspirED! We are all feeling so overworked and underwater that it's refreshing to have someone notice!"
—Julia MacMullan, Associate Director of Communications & Marketing, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA) 

InspirED simply has to the be the industry leader for resources! It's my one-stop shopping spot to find a blog or article or website on anything having to do with our enrollment/fundraising/marketing efforts. More than just their own content, they've cultivated all sorts of other resources, which you can find via just going to their website instead of searching the whole of the internet. Their tagline is something like making my job easier and they certainly deliver! Our success is certainly, in part, their success.
—Andrew T. Weller, Ed.D., Dean of Enrollment and Strategic Marketing at St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School (VA)

 "I wanted to send a big thank you to you and Liza for the Daily Jolt! Although I am a few Jolts behind, I typically read them on a daily basis and appreciate the resources and information. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
— Tiffini Crum, Web Content Manager, Fort Worth Country Day (TX)

School marketing/communications folks: If you're looking for some inspiration, I highly recommend InspirED School Marketers, a "free, online professional development resource and community that provides brilliant ideas and brain food." Their website is bursting with examples of award-winning print and online collateral; an addictive podcast; informational webinars; and much more. You can also sign up for a Daily Jolt newsletter that always seems to address exactly what I'm working on that day. During your free time this summer (ha, ha), check it out!
 — Sara Ring, Director of Communications, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences (CA)

"Thank you so much for your daily inspiration and for all the good, motivational and useful advice you send us through the Daily Jolt. For a school like St. Rose which may have limited means but lots of dedicated and forward-thinking individuals, the information you make available is enabling us to make our school thrive. Please keep it coming—we look forward to every Daily Jolt!"
— Nancy McGaughan, Director of Development, St. Rose High School (NJ)

"I very much enjoy the Daily Jolt — thanks for the inspiration and for helping to provide a sense of community for private school marketing and communications folks."
— Kaitlin Orfitelli, Director of Marketing and Communications, The Taft School (CT)

"Thank you for your continued efforts to create something new every day. What an inspiration you are!"
— Michael Heaton, Head of School, Quetico College School (ON)

"I love the Daily Jolt! You continue to inspire me and our team at Montgomery. I love this resource you just shared about ISSUU as well. Thank you!"
— Sally Keidel, Head of School, Montgomery School (PA)

“THANK YOU for the free podcasts. I listen to them on my runs and I wish I could write my ideas down while I am running because there are so many good ones. Thanks for everything you are doing to help people like me.”
— Philippa Fabbri, Director Communications, Funding and School Design, Elsen Academy, South Africa 

"I love the concept of the Photographer Resource Guide!" 
— Lisa Robinson, Director of Marketing and Communications, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (CA)

"As a brand-new Director of Marketing and Communications at a small independent school, I find these morning emails very helpful. I look forward to receiving more relevant content that I can learn from and pass along to my colleagues in Admissions and Development." 
— Lizzie Porter-Roth, Director of Marketing and Communications, Marin Horizon School (CA)

"Thank you for ALL that you do to help school marketers across the country. Keep the blogs and sharing coming!"
— Connie Mitchell, Director of Marketing and Communications, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (MD)


"I have found the judging experience to be exceptional and thoroughly enjoying each and every entry that has been sent my way :-)! We are surrounded by greatness. I am in awe of the tremendous talent that exists among our schools and the creative, amazing, high quality work taking place in our industry." 
 — Jennifer Marchi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Brilliance Awards Judge, Ravenscroft (NC)

"I could tell there was something different about this company.  All of the content was so relevant and new. InspirED School Marketers keeps me continually informed in the latest trends.  I know this will be the difference our school needs going forward with our marketing efforts. InspirED is now my go-to for when I need a 'light bulb' moment!" 
— Alison Prusia, Director of Marketing and Recruiting, Forest Lake Academy (FL)

"I love, love, love your podcasts! I am new to education, and they are a lifesaver. Thank you for your service to the profession!"
— Joanna Massee Rosenthal, Director of Communications, The Nueva School (CA)

"The MarCom Survey Report is GREAT. I've already dug through and have about 10 talking points for my weekly meeting with the Head of School here."
— Mike Hatfield, Director of Admission, Powhatan School (PA)

"Most of all, thank you for delivering exactly the right-sized and relevant info I look forward to as a person who is brand new to marketing/communications!"
— Priscella Celentano, Director of Admissions and Communications, Seneca Academy (MD)

"Thanks for the resources you provide. I enjoyed them as a private school practitioner, and am now trying to get the public school side caught up. ;)"
— Amanda Holdsworth, Ed.D., APR, Director of Communication Services, Oakland Schools (MI)

"I loved the Jolt this morning focused on the value of photography. Thanks again for all the brilliant ideas!"
— Sally Ralston, Director, Marketing & Admissions, King’s Schools (WA)

"We love getting the Jolt emails. About twice a week our marketing department and Head of School forward the emails around to each other, saying, 'check this out!'"
— Matt Soule, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School (MA)

"Consider this fan mail. I love getting the Daily Jolt every morning and just wanted you to know you are appreciated! The topics are eclectic and I’m so glad you all have stepped in to offer this valuable service to schools and to MarCom professionals."
— Mike Connor, President, Connor Associates (CA)

"Thank you for offering a way to lift up the hard work of those in the trenches of independent school admissions, advancement, communications, and marketing." 
— Lynette Assarsson, Associate Director of Communications, Editor, The Westonian, Westtown School (PA)

"THANK YOU for the fantastic Brilliance Awards competition. It’s inspiring to see all the great work being done for schools around the country, and it’s a privilege to be part of the creative group making that great work."
 — Rod Lemaire, Partner and Creative Director, Brilliance Awards Judge, Mission Minded (CO)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I loved listening to your podcast with Tim [from Finalsite]. I especially appreciated some of the tips you gave such as the talking points for parents and the head of school blogging."
— Risa Engel, Director of Communications, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart (NJ)


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