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For individuals establishing a private school marketing consultancy start-up or leading a young shop, InspirEDs' SparkSession is customized advice to jumpstart your firm, establish best practices, solve problems before they start, and learn from experienced, proven school marketers with decades of knowledge to share.

Have you ever thought of hanging out a shingle as a private school marketing consultant and need to find out if it's the right move for you?

Do you have a young private school marketing firm and want to learn how to attract new clients, operate efficiently, and become more profitable?

Have you ever wanted to pick an experienced, proven private school marketer's brains to jumpstart your business and learn from their vast experience? And have it not break the bank?

We have just the thing.

Introducing InspirED's SparkSession

InspirED's SparkSession is a 60-minute phone consultation that's an economical way to get advice from experienced private school marketing consultants who can give you a boost in areas of:

  • New client acquisition
  • Pricing
  • Self-promotion
  • Target audiences
  • Sub-contractors
  • Process
  • Workflow
  • Billing
  • Design
  • Brand
  • Receivables
  • Client relations
  • [Insert Your Topic Here]

Rob Norman and Liza Fisher Norman are just the folks to talk to about your private school marketing start-up. We started our successful business part-time and grew it to an award-winning, highly respected firm with five employees and the luxury of the ability to turn down work.

That didn't happen overnight nor was it easy.

You can benefit from our hard-earned experience by consulting with consultants who have been there, done that. And we're willing to share what we know without holding back. 

We have more than 25 years each of private school marketing experience working with more than 100 schools from Canada to Florida as principals of Turnaround Marketing Communications and as the sparks behind InspirED School Marketers. We have delivered projects as large as 60-page brand development reports and as small as invitations to a special event. We have consulted with countless Directors of Marketing, Admissions, Advancement, and Heads of School as well as Boards of Directors.

Need reasons to believe we can help you? Learn why Rob and Liza are highly qualified to host a SparkSession for you. 

Ready to Create Some Sparks?

 A SparkSession will pay for itself in one call and deliver brilliant ideas and brain food to charge up your business success.