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WE'RE THRILLED YOU'RE INTERESTED in learning more about the InspirED Partner Resource Guide or a sponsorship and hope one of these opportunities suits your marketing needs. 

For background, InspirED is a free service to schools which we have been offering for about 4 years. We stopped taking new clients at our marketing firm, Turnaround Marketing Communications, to focus on it. We seek to monetize the site so that we can keep providing the vast amounts of "brilliant ideas and brain food" to school marketers free of charge. When you support InspirED, you support school marketers worldwide who turn to us to help make their jobs’ easier.

If you have any questions (and no question is too small), please email me. I'd be happy to help.

Rob Norman
InspirED School Marketers
Best Boy (Ok. Stop laughing. It's an electrical thing. Ask me about it when we talk.)


Senior Partner

  • Your company logo on the InspirED homepage with click through to your website

  • Topmost listing section on the Partner Resource Guide page with

    • Company logo

    • 150 word description

    • Up to six examples of your work or related images (stills, no videos) for a gallery portfolio

    • Contact name, email and website link

    • Company name listed on every Daily Jolt

    • Up to 4 guest blogs per year, promoted on the Daily Jolt and InspirED social media channels. (Guidelines apply.)

    • Thank you on our social media channels including our Facebook page and group, LinkedIn profile and group, Twitter, and Pinterest.

"I could tell there was something different about this company. All of the content was so relevant and new. InspirED School Marketers keeps me continually informed in the latest trends. I know this will be the difference our school needs going forward with our marketing efforts. InspirED is now my go-to for when I need a 'light bulb' moment!"

— Alison Prusia, Director of Marketing and Recruiting, Forest Lake Academy (FL)

See sample of homepage. See sample of Partner Resource Guide page. 



Listing on the Partner Resource Guide page under the Senior Partners with

  • Your company logo

  • 50 word description

  • Contact name, email and website link

"Thank you for ALL that you do to help school marketers across the country. Keep the blogs and sharing coming!"

— Connie Mitchell, Director of Marketing and Communications, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (MD)

See sample of Partner Resource Guide page.

Association (Free)

Listing on the Partner Resource Guide page under the Partners with

  • Your Association logo

  • 25 word description

  • Contact name, email and website link

"Thank you for offering a way to lift up the hard work of those in the trenches of independent school admissions, advancement, communications, and marketing."

— Lynette Assarsson, Associate Director of Communications, Editor, The Westonian, Westtown School (PA)

See sample of Association Listing on Partner Resource Guide page.

We would like to include private school associations as a way to build the school marketing community and share information to help make school marketers' jobs easier. FREE for qualified non-profit associations that work with private and/or independent schools in the US. Please join us!

Daily Jolt Sponsor

InspirED's highly popular Daily Jolt newsletter goes to 1,300 subscribers, 5 days a week, with an impressive open rate of 32%. It always contains one brilliant idea or piece of brain food to make school marketers' jobs easier.

Your company logo will be displayed above the Photographer Resource Guide box in each issue for a month's time with a hyperlink to your company’s website. There will only be one DJ sponsor per month.

"I very much enjoy the Daily Jolt — thanks for the inspiration and for helping to provide a sense of community for private school marketing and communications folks."

— Kaitlin Orfitelli, Director of Marketing and Communications, The Taft School (CT)

"We love getting the Jolt emails. About twice a week our marketing department and Head of School forward the emails around to each other, saying, 'check this out!'"

— Matt Soule, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School (MA)

See samples of the Daily Jolt.
$499/month, exclusive

2018 MarCom Survey Report Sponsor

Our 2017 Private School MarCom Survey Report created a lot of buzz, was downloaded by over 500 individuals and shared with countless others, and quoted in podcasts and numerous other channels. Almost a year after its launch, it continues to be downloaded on a daily basis. Get your name in front of a wide range of individuals interested in private school marketing by sponsoring this report, the only one of its kind for private school marketers. There will be only one Survey Report Sponsor, and your logo will appear on the cover and intro to the Report. You’ll be mentioned and/or your logo pictured on countless social media posts including our Facebook page and group, LinkedIn profile and group, Twitter, and Pinterest. The Report is expected to be released in August 2018.

“Great report which came in handy at a recent school strat plan meeting! Bravo!”

— Heather Hoerle, Executive Director/CEO, The Enrollment Management Association

See the 2017 Private School MarCom Survey Report.
$999/one time, exclusive

2018 Brilliance Awards Sponsor


The Brilliance Awards, now in its third year is accepting sponsors for the first time. The BA are the only marketing and communications awards competition exclusively for private schools. Last year there were 87 winners and 60 judges and we expect about the same this year. The 2018 competition opens on August 31 and the winners are announced at the end of December. There is a great deal of buzz around the awards from opening days into the spring. Then your exposure will continue as the awards are one of the most popular features of InspirED year-round. Getting in at the beginning will give you the longest exposure, but you can sign up at any time. 

Your company logo will appear on every BA web page (at least 5) running up to the competition and on the 2018 winners page permanently.  You'll be thanked on countless social media posts including our Facebook page and group, LinkedIn profile and group, Twitter, and Pinterest as a sponsor of this exciting competition.

"I have found the judging experience to be exceptional and thoroughly enjoying each and every entry that has been sent my way :-)! We are surrounded by greatness. I am in awe of the tremendous talent that exists among our schools and the creative, amazing, high quality work taking place in our industry."

 — Jennifer Marchi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Brilliance Awards Judge, Ravenscroft (NC)

See a sample concept for the 2018 Brilliance Awards page. See the 2017 Brilliance Awards Winners. (Your logo would go on the 2018 Winners and the winners page stays on our website permanently.)
$750/one time

Photographer Resource Guide


For photographers and film-makers exclusively, the Photographer Resource Guide is the fifth most visited section of our website where school marketers can find stellar visual storytellers with private school client experience. 

"I love the concept of the Photographer Resource Guide!"

— Lisa Robinson, Director of Marketing and Communications, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (CA)

"I loved the Jolt this morning focused on the value of photography. Thanks again for all the brilliant ideas!"

— Sally Ralston, Director, Marketing & Admissions, King’s Schools (WA)

See the Photographer Resource Guide.

Sparkcast Podcast Sponsor


"I really enjoy listening to the Inspired podcast on my drive to work. It’s enlightening to hear the experiences of other communications professionals, as well as those who serve other roles in the independent school world. Whether the topic is as broad as re-branding or as specific as photos shoots, I always come away with a new understanding and a few practical ideas to try out."

— Sara Ring, Director of Communications, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences (CA)

See the Sparkcast Podcast page.