Use Relocators to Fill Seats at Your School [Podcast]



Since 2008, many school admission officers have needed to pull out all the stops to find qualified (and preferably full pay) students to fill seats.  That means leaving no stone unturned and getting creative in marketing approaches. One of the stones that sometimes goes unnoticed is relocators — also known as transfers.

Employees in large organizations are constantly moving. 17 million Americans make long distance moves each year and over 1 million move countries. . According to Worldwide ERC – the Workforce Mobility Association 244,595 employees were transferred within the USA by Fortune 500 companies in 2013.  Approximately 500,000 people moved to the UK in 2014. A great deal of transfers take place in Fortune 500 companies, higher education, and government services (not just diplomats). The global market is estimated at $25 billion.

The people being relocated are regarded as valuable individuals in their companies who often have families and they want to move with them. A senior relocation can cost the company upwards of $95,000, and if a family can’t find the right school, the deal may well fall through. Occasionally, the company will even pay for the child’s tuition to sweeten the deal for the employee. These are families are being moved across the state, across the country, and around the world.

So how do you get on this family’s radar?

This Sparkcast is with Simon Hepburn, the founder of the UK company Marketing Advice for Schools. Simon wears another hat as a chemistry teacher and marketing and social media advisor at St. Bedes College, one of the UK’s leading Catholic independent schools. Simon also blogs for InspirED. Simon’s website offers free, relevant advice for school marketers. He has trained over 50 schools in marketing and wrote a comprehensive book titled Marketing Your School which is available on Amazon.

Simon talks about what relocators are, why you should care, and how to reach them to fill seats at your school.

What you’ll learn:

  •     How to identify relocators who are a good match for your school.
  •     How to target corporate HR departments.
  •     Other ideas for sources for relocators.
  •     How to make your school visible and a great resource to relocators.
  •     How to market yourself to relocating families through your website, adwords, chat boards and more.
  •     Where to place paid advertising.
  •     What relocated students and families bring to the school.
  •     The importance of thinking of new ways to market your school.
  •     Why schools needs marketing.
  • your host can’t count how many words are in the sentence, “Why is it worth it?”

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