Finally. Understand Inbound Marketing. [Podcast]


Finally. Understand Inbound.

With this podcast, you'll finally understand what private school inbound marketing is and how to start an inbound effort to improve enrollment.



In this episode, we talk to Bart Caylor, President and Owner of Caylor Solutions, an Indianapolis-based marketing agency working with colleges, universities, K-12, and education organizations to improve communication, enrollment and development efforts. With a background in design and development with corporate, education, and non-profit clients, Bart now focuses his expertise on marketing for education. Bart is a member of CASE and is often asked to speak at universities and conferences on topics related to web design, emerging media, and interactive marketing.

This podcast will help anyone understand what inbound marketing is, how to start an inbound effort at your private school, or how to enhance existing inbound efforts to accomplish your admissions goals.

What you’ll learn…

  • How does inbound marketing differ from traditional marketing efforts.
  • The best kinds of content to create when designing an inbound program.
  • How the kind of content you create for inbound marketing can support your brand.
  • How to create an inbound marketing campaign to nurture prospective families of your school.
  • How the available software tools such as Hubspot and Sharpspring can help you create the most effective campaign workflows to increase the effectiveness of your inbound marketing.
  • How to know if your inbound marketing efforts are successful.
  • How to use analytics in assessing your inbound marketing efforts.
  • What’s the first thing to do when embarking on an inbound marketing program.

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