How to Brand Your Private School's Social Media [Podcast]

Simon Noakes

Simon Noakes

Simon Noakes is the founder and CEO of Interactive Schools, a UK-based global organization focused on school marketing and communications in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Simon’s global experience and passion for strategic marketing, thought leadership, future-thinking, new technology and human-centered engagement is transforming the way schools market themselves around the world. The firm specializes in bespoke creative experiences including responsive school websites, parent communications, social media training and influence, and digital marketing strategies.

Interactive Schools won a 2018 Brilliance Award for Charlotte Preparatory School's (US) website. Learn more about Simon and Interactive Schools at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  


Simon Quoted

“Brand is not about logo, color, fonts and may not be about your mission. Brand is something you live and breathe, an emotive hope for something.”

“I’m blown away by how different the schools I visit are.”

“When I look at the top 10 USA schools and ask which of those schools are doing social media well, I say none….except maybe Milton Hershey.”

“There’s a difference between telling an authentic story and telling a story that’s going to drive engagement and reach and be effective.”

“You need to know you have delivered effective marketing and communications to every stakeholder in the right channel, at the right time, by the right person.

“Technology is an enabler.”

“Teachers should have access to telling their story.”

“Teachers need to change with the times, too. They need to be well-equipped.”

“Don’t tell teachers they’re part of marketing. Just tell them to tell their story.”

“Schools need to own their brand handle.”

 “Commit to what you’re capable of doing. Bring in more advocates.” 

“The beauty of digital is being able to turn a dime.”

What You’ll Learn

  • How to form your school stories

  • Does everyone have the same brand experience?

  • The difference between social media platforms and social networks

  • Why your message should change with the platform and network

  • Why Directors of Marketing are the bottleneck for getting social media posts up in a timely manner

  • How marketing is like conducting an orchestra

  • The importance of allocating resources effectively

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