How to Lay the Foundation for Private School Marketing Success [Podcast]


Maria Latour kadison

Maria LaTour Kadison’s career in education administration began in 2001 as the Vice President for Marketing at Simmons College where the President of the college credited Maria and her team with “saving Simmons College by radically increasing student demand.” Within four years, undergraduate enrollment doubled, the tuition discount rate was cut in half, and average SAT scores were the highest in the college’s history.

In 2012, Maria joined EdwardsCo as President and in 2015 bought the company where she has helped hundreds of educational institutions. She and her teams have won more than 35 CASE and other industry awards for brand development, digital and multi-channel marketing, and enrollment and advancement communications.

Prior to education, Maria’s corporate and management consulting career spanned 20 years, working in the US and internationally, in the for-profit and non-for-profit sectors.

Maria’s conversation with Rob will help you lay the foundation for your school’s marketing success in more ways than one.

Maria Quoted

“Parents say, ‘I’m not spending $30,000 a year for confidence. I’m looking at a school so that my child can learn and you haven’t convinced me that your academic program are sufficient enough for me to care that confidence might come out of it.’”

“You have to make the case that your school’s ‘special sauce’ is the critical component to the academic and long term success of anyone’s kid.”  

Doing branding from the inside is all but impossible.

“You have to find the intersection of what best-fit families want and what the school does really well. That’s the brand positioning.”

“Word of mouth is the most important thing you can manage.”

“With your marketing, you’re making a promise to these families about what they’re going get.”

“Admissions is a sales force and they need to operate like that.”

What You’ll Learn

  • The story of the Simmons College turnaround led by Maria

  • The importance of research

  • What message training is and why it’s important

  • It starts from the Head and trickles down

  • The relationship between Admissions and Communications

  • How to create a student tour guide program

  • How engage faculty in retention

  • How to hire marketing talent

  • Why the Director of Marketing needs to report to the Head

  • Why MarCom isn’t just tactical

  • What skills Heads should look for in MarCom and Admissions hires

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