Private School Websites: Advice from the Pros [Podcast]

Angelo Otterbein

Angelo Otterbein was President and founder of Silverpoint, which he started in 1996. Silverpoint grew to include over 300 independent schools from all over the world. In 2013 the company merged with Finalsite, Inc. where Angelo now serves as Chief Innovation Officer, involved in product strategy, business development, digital strategy and website consulting.

Kealan Duffy is the UK Production Manager for Finalsite, overseeing the designers and developers in the UK office to deliver innovative and engaging websites to clients across the globe. Kealan has a strong passion for audience-driven web design and has been working closely with schools since 2009 to understand their needs and lead the creative direction of their projects.

Kealan Duffy


Finalsite Quoted

“A website is a true archive of where the school’s been over the last 10-20 years. It needs to be organized and archived, not necessarily deleted.”

“In any design, make analytics part of the conversation.” 

“If I want to know the tuition of school X, you may go to the school, but 50% of the time, you’ll go to search through Google. Getting the homepage right is important, but the tuition page is equally as important.”

“Websites now provide a framework that tells a story much like a viewbook does.”

“Videos build emotional engagement and deliver a humanizing element. Videos are stickier.”

“We’re seeing more separation in navigation for the prospective parent vs. the existing one.”

“Some folks want keep external website streamlined. Keep the rest in the parent portal. But in doing that you miss the everyday and get behind the curtain.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Evolution of web design

  • Trends in new web design

  • What’s new in navigation and the value of mega-menus

  • What’s the primary purpose of the homepage

  • How Wistia can improve your videos

  • How to use your website as an archival tool

  • How to manage your Google page

  • How to create an acceptance video

  • The topmost suggestions that the two guests have for your website

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