The State of Social Media Marketing in Private Schools [Podcast]

Mia Major

Mia Major

Mia Major is Content Marketing Manager for Finalsite, a leader in K-12 independent and international school website development that serves more than 2,200 schools worldwide.

Mia works with the marketing, product, support and sales teams at Finalsite on their inbound strategy, planning and creating new digital content assets focused on generating new business and retaining current clients. She writes 3-4 blogs per week for the independent school market on such diverse topics such as marketing and communications, education technology, and web design. (I’ve shared many of Mia’s posts in my InspirED Daily Jolt newsletter.)

In this episode of the Sparkcast, we talk to Mia about the newly released Finalsite report, The State of Social Media Marketing Among Schools. This report is the result of a survey Finalsite developed on how schools use social media, what channels they use, budgets, time allocation and much more. Over 300 respondents delivered fascinating results.


Mia Quoted

"There are so many shiny new social media toys on top of traditional marketing for schools right now."

"From April to October, we saw a 10% growth in the use of Instagram and all of the other channels stayed basically the same. To me, that was one of those moments where I said 'Wow. Schools are really hopping on the Instagram bandwagon.'"

"97% of schools are on 3 or more social networks, but the majority of them are only posting 5 times per week."

"My advice is: If you have to pick two channels, pick Facebook and Instagram."

"Twitter is a network where, if you don’t have a lot of time to maintain it, it’s an easy one to hand off to your athletic department."

"It shocked me that the majority of school marketers have less than 3 years’ experience on social media (besides posting pictures of their kids)."

"In the last 5 years, social media has become a critical component of school marketing."

"If your school isn’t on social media, you’re going to have a much harder time marketing in the years to come."

"Your website is the heartbeat of your digital marketing and social media needs to connect to it on a branding and a click-thru perspective."

What You’ll Learn

  • The results of Finalsite’s survey about social media marketing at private schools.
  • What surprises the social media marketing report revealed.
  • How often are people posting to social media? What networks are they on?
  • A recommendation for which social media networks to focus on with limited time and resources.
  • How you can increase community engagement in your social media channels.
  • How to measure engagement.
  • The 4-1-1 Rule.
  • Why your social media needs to seamlessly integrate with your website, and how to accomplish that.
  • Which schools are doing social media well.
  • How you can use this report to help in your discussions with leadership regarding social media.
  • What the barriers are to effective social media.

Download The State of Social Media Marketing Among Schools.

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