Finalsite and InspirED Talk About Surprises in Private School MarCom in 2 Parts [Podcast]

Just wanted to tell you how much I loved listening to your conversation with Tim. I especially appreciated some of the tips you gave such as the talking tips for parents and the head of school blogging.
— Risa Engel, Director of Communications, Stuart Country Day School

Rob and Liza were invited to be guests on Finalsite's "Apply Yourself" podcast with Tim McDonough where we had a great time talking about a wide range of topics about private school marketing and communications.

  • How and why InspirED was created (answer: for the benefit of school marketers)
  • The results of the 2017 InspirED Private School MarCom Survey Report: surprises, fascinating stats and facts, future forecasting
    • The answer that made Finalsite laugh
    • The answer that got Finalsite's attention about viewbooks
    • The answer that Tim could relate to about parent email overload
    • The answers that surprised us the most
  • Where schools should put their print resources instead of print
  • The power of video and still images on websites
  • Interactive viewbooks: a new marketing tool more appropriate for parents of school-aged kids
  • How private school MarCom professionals can enlist the help of leadership
  • The 2017 Brilliance Awards: New categories, 50+ judges, tons of excitement, deadline October 27, 2017
  • What Liza and Rob's favorite TV shows are (Hint: W&G, GoT, 76ers) and how we got our unique titles

Thank you, Finalsite, for a fun conversation about something all of us are passionate about — private school marketing and communications.