The Business Side of Private School Marketing [Podcast]

Jeff Shields, President and CEO, NBOA

Jeff Shields, President and CEO, NBOA

Jeff Shields has been the President and CEO of the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) since March of 2010. NBOA is the only national association focused exclusively on supporting independent school business officers and business operations staff and fostering financial and operational excellence among independent PK-12 schools.

In this fascinating, wide-ranging conversation Jeff takes a deep dive into the effect that the 2008 economic downturn had on virtually ever facet of operation of independent schools, especially the marketing office. Because of his position at NBOA Jeff has a unique perspective that he shares with us on subjects such as the effect rising tuition has on the marketing of our schools, the ever-expanding facilities at schools, the increasing sophistication of both the business offices and the MarCom offices at schools, and the effect that virtual schools have on traditional schools.

With Jeff’s knowledge and experience not just in the business side of independent schools but also his first-hand experience in marketing and communications, this podcast should not be missed.

What you’ll learn…

  • The changes in the business side of independent school management over the last 10-15 The effect that the 2008 recession had on independent schools both as it regards the business side of schools and on how schools market themselves.
  • How tuition levels, which have been hyperinflationary for 15-20 years, affects the ability of independent schools to attract students.
  • How the economic downturn of 2008 set in motion a widespread effort to increase the sophistication and capabilities in of the business offices at independent schools, including increasing the understanding of the markets we operate in.
  • How a renewed focus on building new facilities is affecting they way schools market themselves, talk about themselves, and compete with other schools.
  • The critical and changing nature of how a school describes its value to the families in its market.
  • How schools are adapting their focus and spending on MarCom departments in the face of an increasing number and sophistication of communications channels that need to be managed.
  • The challenges that independent schools face in the next five+ years.

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