InspirED Photographer Resource Guide


InspirED Photographer Resource Guide


To Stellar Visual Storytellers,

Thanks for your interest in the Photographer Resource Guide.

A few things to note:

  • You will have a chance to see your page before it's posted.

  • Photographers are displayed in the PRG in alphabetical order.

  • You can renew your listing after a year

  • You can update your images upon renewal and once during the year. Just email us when you're ready.

How to submit information

Please complete the form on the next page which includes: bio/description of your capabilities (maximum 150 words), client list (maximum 150 words), website URL, email, and phone.

How to submit materials

Please send the following to 

  1. 6 samples for your InspirED portfolio via email or Dropbox. You can submit all stills, all videos or a combination of both. Specs for stills: Horizontals (no verticals please), 2500 pixels wide, no greater than 500 KB, RGB, jpg or PNG. More info. Specs for video: Link to YouTube or Vimeo (and be sure sharing is on).

  2. Preferred placement order of samples 1 through 6.

  3. Your choice of image from 1 through 6 that should display on the main PRG page as a click through to your individual page. If you submit all videos, please include a still for this purpose.

  4. Headshot (optional)

Questions? Email me. I'm happy to help!

Thank you for becoming a part of the Photographer Resource Guide!

Rob Norman
Best Boy

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