Why Enter The Brilliance Awards?

The Oscars, Emmys, and Tonys are just a few of the buzz-worthy awards that draw our attention. We love to watch the red-carpet regalia, the stars acting as themselves, the entertainment, the host, and the unpredictability of live coverage. We love the hashtag comments, Facebook follow-up, and water-cooler conversations.  We love when something we love wins.  

 That’s from the audience’s point of view.

The Value of Winning an Award

From the award-winners’ point of view, the stakes are high. Studios and producers spend millions trying just to get their production nominated. Then they spend millions more promoting the winners. Why? Because winning is so valuable to the bottom line in increased sales and confirmation of the studio’s talent and savvy…i.e. their brand.

Ad agencies and designers have long recognized the value of awards competitions. The biggies are the Clios, the Addys, and Cannes Lions, to name a few. Current clients love getting awards and prospective clients love working with an award-winning agency. Why? Because winning is so valuable to the bottom line in increased sales and confirmation of the agency’s talent and savvy…i.e. their brand.

Why let the big guys have all the fun?

 InspirED believes now is the time and place to shine a light on private and independent school marketing and communications through the Brilliance Awards. Sure there are other competitions that schools can enter, but you’re often competing against higher ed and corporations. With these, it's only PK12 schools. That's it.

We’ve established 3 groups based on size of school (up to 300, between 301 – 500, more than 500) and 6 categories (viewbook, magazine, enrollment video, website homepage, annual fund appeal, and campaign case statement or microsite).

What's in it for you?

If your entry wins, it will:

  • Get media attention and publicity, so hard for schools to obtain nowadays.
  • Boost school pride among current families, alumnae/i, faculty and staff.
  • Move your school’s brand a point on the dial in the local, regional and national landscape.
  • Garner recognition for your staff, affirming their work, creativity, and collaboration. 
  • Make a “sleeper” project get the attention it deserves.
  • Demonstrate the improvements you have made in a certain area.
  • Get the attention of your head of school and board of trustees.
  • Give you bragging rights for a good long time.
  • Improve your resume.
  • Make you feel good!

Think your stuff isn't good enough?

This competition is for schools large and small. We've seen some of the best school MarCom created on a shoestring. You'll never know if you don't enter, and you might be surprised.

Why makes InspirED the organization to host these?

We’ve worked with schools for 25 years and seen so many excellent projects from small shops and large, with big budgets and none at all. We thought it was time to celebrate school MarCom and the people behind this work. The judges for the competition are school marketers themselves or work with schools in their business. They know you and the kind of work you do.

How do you enter?

There are no abstracts to complete. To enter, just fill out a simple form, choose your group by the size of the school, pick your category (viewbook, magazine, enrollment video, website homepage, annual fund appeal, or case statement/microsite) and submit the $59 entry fee.  THE DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 14.

 There are many winners reading this.

You can’t win if you don’t enter. Go ahead. The red carpet awaits you.