What’s Your School Marketing Dream Team?

At the 2015 TABS annual conference in Boston, Rob and I led a session called “You Have Questions. We Have Answers. Ask the School Marketing Gurus.” It was a panel session where we took questions from the floor on all things private school MarCom.

One of the questions that really got everyone’s attention was...

What’s your school marketing dream team?

We wanted people to dream big here so we told the crowd not to worry about the “little stuff” like salaries and budgets (!).  We said just create the team you wish you had to get the job done and done well.

Stacy Jagodowski, Director of Marketing at Cheshire Academy and InspirED blogger, jumped in saying she has a team of five and wished she had three more. Here’s her current team:

  • Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

  • Associate Director of Digital Marketing & Communications

  • Assistant Director of Social Media Marketing

  • Assistant Director of Public Relations

  • Junior Graphic Designer and Photographer

Here’s her vision for three more:

  • Production Manager

  • Additional Writer

  • Second Designer and Photographer

As long as she was dreaming big, Stacy wished for:

  • Event Planner

  • Sports Information Director

  • Associate Head of Strategic Initiatives (who ties admissions, marketing and development together)

What’s your school marketing dream team?

And who do you report to? (The second most popular question.)

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