What Kind of Video Are You Making?

There are two broad types of video schools should consider producing. Both are valuable and serve important goals but they are very different from each other and shouldn't be confused.

Authentic Best

This type of video is characterized by high production value and clear purpose. Every shot is beautiful, the audio is crystal clear, and premium music ties everything together. The authentic best video has a clear beginning, middle, and end and should delight as well as inform.

Authentic best style video will feature prominently on your website and may even be located on the home page. Examples of the authentic best video include:

· Welcome Aboard
· One Person Testimonial
· We Need Your Help

This style of video is relatively evergreen: the themes and ideas from these videos probably transcend specific class years or individuals. If you don't have the right lens and a good microphone you'll need to invest in some equipment or hire someone to produce the video for you.


This type of video is characterized by low production value and speedy production. You could make an authentic video entirely on your phone to offer an insider's perspective on your school.

Do you see something cool happening in a class while you walk by on the way to lunch? Capture it on your phone and upload it while walking through the salad bar! Was there a special event on campus? Create a video slideshow of the event and send it out with theFriday parent eNewsletter. Examples of the authentic video include:

· One Question, Many Answers
· Walkabout
· Event Highlight

This style of video lends itself well to social media or email newsletters and can be produced quickly and cheaply.

Know Which Video You Are Making

Sometimes schools are unclear which style of video they are making. This can be a problem when the style of the video doesn't fit the content. 

For example Heads of School should almost always appear in an authentic best style unless they are comfortable with a more casual tone. If your best video camera is your phone stick to making authentic style content until you have better equipment. A simple rule of thumb is that if the subject of the video is seated and answering questions it probably should be an authentic best video.

A Word About Sparkles

I used iMovie for many years before graduating to Final Cut Pro X. Whatever software you use avoid the temptation to use all the built in transitions, fonts, and effects. The sparkle transition is probably never a good idea. A simple fade in from black at the beginning and end of the video might be the only transition you ever need!

What do you think? Do you create authentic or authentic best content for your school? Let us know in the comments!