Use Your Twitter Trumpet "#SuperSchoolNews"

InspirED School Marketers stole an idea—right out of the owner's hands. We poached it because it's a great concept. Here's how it goes. 

InspirED has set up a Twitter account called @SuperSchoolNews, where we tweet about great things happening at K12 schools as we hear them—either through our own research or by re-tweeting news you super school marketers have posted. We would like @SuperSchoolNews to be your "Twitter Trumpet" and aggregator to spread the word about the little (and big) miracles that happen every day in schools. It's your source for cool news about schools. 

It's a great idea, and we wish we had thought of it. But we didn't.

Simon Hepburn of Marketing Advice for Schools conceived of Good News from Schools (@GoodNews_Schls) way before us. It's thriving with over 1,000 followers and 4,300 tweets thanks to Simon's efforts. And it's making a connection among many unique K12s in the UK.

In truth, we didn't entirely steal the idea. We did ask permission. When we did, Simon answered, "I’d be very happy (and flattered) by a US version—please do set it up and let me know so I can follow you."  

Now it's up to all of us to do Simon proud. Use the hashtag #supersnews or mention @SuperSchoolNews in your tweet and we'll trumpet your news even further. Let's make our collective school pride shine!

Thank you, Simon, for sharing your lightbulb moment.

Listen to our podcast with Simon about using transferred families to fill seats at your school.