Don’t Let an Event Go By Without Arming the Audience With Talking Points


How many events come up in a given year at any private school? Lots.

  • Back to School Night

  • New Family Orientation

  • Reunion/Homecoming

  • Board Meetings

  • Holiday Gathering

  • Gala/Fundraiser

  • Open House

  • Graduation

The list goes on. So while you have these captive audiences, take the opportunity to make them brand ambassadors for your school. Whether these folks know your school or not, they’re bound to be impressed by what they see and talk to their friends and family about it.

Arm Them With Talking Points

We all know that the best marketing tool is word-of-mouth. Strengthen conversations with a set of talking points that will reinforce and boost the school’s brand, point out recent successes, and delineate future plans. They should be short, memorable tidbits, that will fuel their chats and turn small talk into reputation amplification.  Consider it a cheat sheet, if you will.  Put it in the program, on a bookmark to hand out, or in their swag bag.

Proof Point Primer

  • Brand messages. Help folks to promote the school beyond the clique “small classes, dedicated faculty, educate the whole child…” rap.

  • Recent proof points. Provide data on recent school successes such as enrollment numbers, fundraising goals met, community service hours, financial aid awarded, etc. — stats that would make anyone proud.

  • Strategic plan. Provide a short list of the most important initiatives and the status of each.

  • How to get involved. If someone wants to know how to volunteer, make sure they know the point person to contact.

  • How to learn more. If there’s a question or someone wants to know more, supply a top level list of contacts.

Don’t miss these incredibly valuable opportunities to develop hundreds of brand ambassadors for the school. Give them talking points and watch your word-of-mouth amplify.

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