Rethinking Great Content: Bottoms Up!

Great content is to blogging what location is to real estate.

This understanding can paralyze aspiring bloggers who mistakenly assume that “great content” means profound, new ideas. “To attract a growing population of avid readers, all I need to do is come up with grand, universal insights that illuminate the nature of humankind, optimal teacher-student relationships, and the finest educational practices,” goes the logic. While you’re at it, make your school the nexus for all this genius!

If great content required great ideas, I wouldn’t be a successful blogger. I’m just not that smart. But I discovered an alternative concept for valuable content that’s easy, quick, and has an endless source of material. Instead of looking “top down” at your world—applying brilliant principles to our work in education—think “bottom up” by using the trivial, everyday experience of school life to demonstrate the nature of your school. Visit a science class, and tell us what you saw and what that tells us about your school and its unique place in the world. What is it about a coach’s pep talk that reflects your school’s values? What did a casual conversation between a teacher and student demonstrate about the kinds of relationships you prize?

Think methodology, approaches to teaching, and institutional values. How does an everyday happenstance illuminate great truths about your school? Share anecdotes and imbue them with insight. This is branding at its best, and it is great content!

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