Podcast Review for 2016

If you had told me at this time last year that InspirED would launch a podcast and within 10 months time produce 16 episodes, I would have Garthed, “No way.”

But we did it. 

We carefully selected guests for the Sparkcast from the independent school world who had a great story to tell or relevant advice to offer to help with your marketing, fundraising, enrollment, retention or career goals.  

Rob and I take turns as host, but Rob is better at it than me, tapping into his theater experience with a clear, consistent voice and collected cool before a (virtual) audience. He likes to tell people the story that one day we were having lunch and at 12:50 he said to me, “Gotta go. I have a podcast at 1:00.” What?! I would have been getting set up at noon, checking systems, getting water, fussing with the headphones, removing noisy jewelry, putting the dogs in a separate room, and generally fidgeting until 12:59 when it’s time to Skype with my guest. This is just one of many ways we’re opposite (and yet preparing for our 40th anniversary in 2017). 

It wasn’t technologically easy for us 60-somethings — not to be ageist. Every time we turned around there was something that should have taken 2 hours production time 10 hours. We are still a far cry from NPR quality podcasts, which is the stick I use to measure us. My son told me to get over that. “They have a team of engineers making them sound good,” he said. Yeah. He's right.

Now we get it as good as we can get it and hope that you, our audience, will enjoy the steak and not worry about the sizzle. (Is that what that noise is in the background?!)

The Sparkcast has a loyal following who appreciate it based on feedback and our iTunes rating. 5 stars, by the way! Please rate us yourself.  So...

Which episodes were most popular in 2016? 


Project Management for School MarCom Offices with Caitlin Garzi, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Cheshire Academy  (636 downloads)


Investing in School Marketing for the Long Term with Brad Rogers, Headmaster, The Gow School  (462 downloads)


Podcast on Podcasting with Mike Hatfield, Director of Admission, Powhatan School  (257 downloads)


Building Collaboration for MarCom with School Colleagues with Cami Colarossi, Director of Communications, Notre Dame Prep School    (232 downloads)


Creating a Culture of Philanthropy with Doreen Rice, Director of Advancement, Pembroke Hill School  (230 downloads)


We'll bring you more brilliant ideas and brain food via the Sparkcast in 2017. If you have a suggestion for a topic or guest, please let us know here.  

In the meantime, please subscribe to the Sparkcast, check out other episodes, and sign up for our newsletter so that you don't miss a thing. Our goal is to make your job easier.