Long Tail Keywords and Why They're Important in School Marketing

When you’re trying to get more business using search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM), targeting long tail keywords can make a big difference. Long tail keywords are a string of words, or even a full phrase, that a user might type into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

●      Regular keyword: Boarding School

●      Long Tail Keyword: Best boarding schools for girls in the USA

So why should you target long tail keywords in your paid SEM and organic SEO strategies?

Long tail keywords more directly identify what a user is searching for.

If a customer is looking to purchase a power cord, they’re not going to search “power cords.” Instead, they’ll search “power cord for iPhone 6” or “power cord for Samsung laptop X679.” If your ad or content pops up in the search results with the words “Power cord for iPhone 6,” you’ll be meeting your customer at exactly the right moment, with exactly the right product.

Long tail keywords save you money by weeding out users who are not a good match for your product.

Let’s say you’re an advertiser selling an iPhone 6 power cord. If you purchase ad space for “power cords,” you might get plenty of clicks from people looking for an Android power cord, or a MacBook Air power cord, or who knows what else. With Google Adwords, you’ll be paying for each and every one of those clicks, even though those folks are not looking for your product and not likely to purchase your product. Identifying the right long tail keyword can help you save money on irrelevant clicks by only displaying your ad to customers who are most likely looking for your product.

Long tail keywords are great for nurturing leads and positioning your brand as a trustworthy thought leader.

Ever had a really specific question you needed answered? Stuff like, “My iPhone charger isn’t charging even though it’s plugged in,” or “How can I tell if my iPhone needs a new charger?” Of course, those are questions that you’d just type into Google. As a marketer, you can make sure your page is one of the first results to come up for such queries by identifying and optimizing for long tail keywords.

When a customer gains information from your site that answers their immediate question, you’ve created a positive, trustworthy interaction with that customer, which builds your brand reputation and the likelihood that they’ll revisit when they need a new product related to your industry.

How do long tail keywords relate to private schools?

As a private school marketer, you can position yourself as an industry expert by reaching parents and students right when they need a specific question answered using a content strategy that integrates long tail keywords. You can also lower your bid prices for SEM campaigns while increasing their efficiency by targeting customers who are an ideal match for your product. 

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