Why The Judges Love The Brilliance Awards


The 2017 InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards judges loved their role in the competition's success. In many cases, the judges get as much as they give, having an rare opportunity to review other schools' work and seeing what's new in private school marketing.  

While there were over 60 judges last year, we thought we'd share a sampling of their comments (much the way we do it with the award-winners).

Once more, we'd like to say "thank you" to each and every one of our fine 2017 judges and welcome our 2018 judges. You are brilliant!

"I loved seeing all of the amazing marketing and creative work going on in the independent school arena. So many of the submissions were more creative than I would have imagined. I also enjoyed learning about the various schools and how they differentiate themselves from each other."

"I loved getting a big stack of materials to look through and links to click. It was so instructive and inspiring. The really good pieces standout, you see what has real impact, and it trains your eye."

"Ideas, ideas, ideas! I get so caught up in my own work, I forget to look up and see what else is out there!"

"They made me very proud of my industry."

"It was great fun to be involved as a judge and I was impressed and inspired (no pun intended) by the caliber of work that was submitted. I'm honored to be among so many talented independent school marketing professionals." 

"THANK YOU for this fantastic awards competition. It’s inspiring to see all the great work being done for schools around the country, and it’s a privilege to be part of the creative group making that great work."

"Thanks for all you do! The Brilliance Awards is an amazing feat and it's so wonderful to be able to see everyone's work."