InspirED and Finalsite Groupthink About Trends in Private School MarCom


Everyone is wondering what's next in private school marketing and communications. How can the MarCom office best support the school? How can it keep up with fast-moving trends, constant change and increased responsibility without (in many cases) increased resources? Where is talent for this office coming from? What tools and skills are being used? What are salary ranges? What does the future hold for this office?

We (Rob and Liza) discussed all this and much more with Tim McDonough, host of Finalsite's "Apply Yourself" podcast. Well, pretty much Tim asked one question, and then he couldn't shut us up. We get really excited when we talk about private school MarCom. (It's not our fault. Really.) Plus we just released the 2017 Private School MarCom Survey Report and opened the 2017 Brilliance Awards, so there was a lot to talk about.

If you'd like to eavesdrop on our conversation, we'd all love to have you. Listen here and leave your comments below. 

Thanks, Finalsite, for talking shop with us! Rob will bring you a Philadelphia 76ers t-shirt next time.

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