How to Expand Your Marketing Team by 25, 50, or More

Wouldn't you love to have a marketing team in the double digits? Some of you already do if you count your faculty. And you should. But can you?

Many independent schools are favored with faculty who “get it”—“it” being school marketing. This is such a wonderful asset that schools with these fabulous faculty members can’t imagine a school where this isn’t the case. These lucky schools have teachers who know that their role in marketing is critical to their school’s success in reaching enrollment goals, retaining current families, and advancing the school’s brand. Faculty members at some schools understand this intuitively and know what actions to take to make them super school marketers. At other schools, administrators have made it a priority to guide faculty on the topic over months and years. Either way, these schools are maximizing their marketing team by having a faculty that takes an active role.

On the other hand, we have heard faculty members at some schools remark:

“Marketing isn’t part of my job.”
"A school is not a business."
“I don’t want admissions tours interrupting my class.”
“Why can’t we use the old logo? I liked that one better.”
“No. You can’t pull my students out of class for a photo shoot.”
“Why are we spending thousands of dollars on a viewbook when I can’t have a new [fill in the blank] for my classroom?”

When faculty don’t “get it” or are resistant to taking an active role in marketing, it means administrators need to spend precious time and resources attempting to bring them along. It also means the school’s marketing team is significantly smaller than it would be if all of the teachers bought-in and acted as co-marketers.  Sometimes a faculty is divided into the “get it” and “not get it” camps, resulting in an unbalanced, fractured team.  What to do?

Educate the educators. Tell them what marketing is in relation to independent schools, why it’s needed more today than ever before, and give them proof points to back up your reasoning. Explain what great influence and power they have as school marketers and what their role is. Then show them how they can become stellar school marketers.

InspirED has a tool to start the conversation with your faculty for you.