Brand Tip #2: No Expiration Date

What happens when a school spends the enormous time and energy needed to develop a well-defined brand, and a year or two later the brand messages are nowhere to be seen? It's not on the website, in annual fund appeals, in the magazine, or in letters from the head of school or admissions department. (It might still be in the viewbook, which, if developed in synch with the branding effort, will have a shelf-life of three to five years.)

It’s almost as if schools think their brand has an expiration date. It doesn’t.

Brands are built over time. Developing a memorable brand requires consistent, long-term dedication.

Think of it this way… how often do you change your logo (which is part of your brand but not all of your brand)? Not too often, I would imagine. Well, that’s how often the messaging portion of your brand should change, too. Certainly, there are things you can do to keep the messaging fresh, like telling new stories (still informed by your brand) or using the messages in new ways. But the brand itself should stay until there is a compelling reason to change it.

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