Brand Tip #1: How to Generate an Endless Stream of Ideas

As a school marketer, the probability is you’re constantly looking for creative ways to communicate with your community. Whether it’s for an open house ad, annual fund appeal, magazine article or reunion invitation, coming up with new, interesting ideas can be a struggle. 

But you have help—your brand. That’s right, your brand can supply you with an almost endless stream of ideas. "But how," you say? 

Start by printing out your brand messages and posting them near your desk. Whenever you need an idea, consider how one or more of those messages can inform the project at hand. It’s amazing how fast you’ll generate ideas. Remember that each project can help establish and support your brand so your audience understands what makes your school so special.

Using solid brand messaging as inspiration not only ensures that your materials stay brand-centric, but it’ll make your job easier, too.

Next up: Brand Tip #2: No Expiration Date

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