Blogging Step 3: Less is More!

Good blog content is terse, direct and lean. The benefits of parsimony are twofold.

  1. Your readers want to find value, comment, and move on. They are not looking for flowery embellishment, repetition of concepts or vague suggestions. Use your vocabulary to nail your point and end it with a period or an exclamation mark. When you’re ready to post, step away….take a nap or do a chore….come back and take a literary scalpel to your text, so every word counts. We will all be grateful!
  2. You’re not writing the entire story with a post; you are writing a page or short chapter in the long tale. You want your readers to return for more, so don’t try to feed them the whole meal. Make your point and get out. Period!

Next Up: Blogging Step 4: The Power of Storytelling

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