2018 Brilliance Awards Entry Form


2018 Brilliance Awards Entry Form

from 39.00

Deadline to enter is midnight, Friday, October 19, 2018 Midnight. Materials must be postmarked or uploaded by Monday, October 22, 2019 Midnight.

The guide on the How to Enter page indicates what format is required for each category and how your entry should be submitted.  

Questions? Email us. We’re happy to help.

Entry Fees

$53 Early Bird (Through 9/14/18 Midnight)

$59 Standard (Starting 9/15/18 through closing)

$39 Small School - Category No. 29 only. (Annual revenue doesn’t exceed $3M, to be verified before awards are announced. No refunds for mistakenly entering this category. This category is not open to agencies and is for only work created in-house. Agencies who work with small schools should submit under the other categories. Small schools can submit under any other category they want, but will pay the regular fee.)

A portion of the 2018 Brilliance Awards proceeds will go to Steppingstone Scholars.

Submit one form per entry.

Good luck!