2017 Brilliance Awards Entry Form


2017 Brilliance Awards Entry Form



1.   You can submit multiple entries under one form to save time if they are all for the same school

2.  The competition is open to schools or to the agency/freelancer who created the work.

3.  Be sure you know how many entries you're submitting because you'll be asked to tally that first.

4.  After you complete your entry form, please submit your materials according to the requested format (which appears on the awards page along with the entry description).

  • For printed materials, send 6 copies to The Brilliance Awards, c/o InspirED School Marketers, PO Box 525, Washington Crossing, PA 18977. Printed pieces will not be returned.
  • For digital materials submit the URL, jpeg or PDF to awards@inspiredsm.com.

Deadline for all entries is midnight, Friday October 13, 20017. Materials must be snail-mailed or emailed by Monday, October 16, 2017. 

Questions? Email us.

Terms: Submissions of entries to the InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards acknowledges the right of InspirED to use them for publicity for the purpose of promoting future competitions or the InspirED website. Securing the release for any entries, whether digital or printed, is the responsibility of the entrant. All printed submissions become the property of InspirED and will not be returned. The judges may re-categorize submissions at their discretion. The judges will review all submissions and their decisions on categories and winners are final.

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