Take survey! Hurry!


The InspirED 2018 Private School Marketing and Communications (MarCom) Survey follows the success of the 2017 version, thanks to school marketers like you who shared your information for the benefit of all in our industry.

The goal of the survey is to help schools benchmark MarCom work, compare budget allocations, and assess resources, all in an effort to take your school's MarCom to the next level and to advance your career in private school marketing. 

What's In It For You

The 2017 Private School MarCom Survey Report generated a lot of buzz and opened the eyes of leadership and administrators to the importance and ever-changing role of MarCom by providing vital statistics and data never before measured. Give us 20 minutes. We'll produce a comprehensive report that will make your job easier. We promise.

Who Should Take The Survey

Please complete the survey if…

  • You work at a private or independent school serving any grades PK-12 AND
  • You lead the marketing efforts or are close enough to the lead that you can report on the big picture of MarCom at your school. In this case you might be the Director of Marketing, Director of Admission, Head of School, Director of Advancement, or work in one of these offices.

Before You Begin

You'll need access to your school's Annual Report and MarCom budget information, or be able to ask your business office for information for one or two questions. You can start and stop the survey and complete it at your leisure.

Thank you for your participation in creating this spark! Any questions? Please email me.

Rob Norman